Insect Surfers



Mojave Reef CD


1. Silver Coast
2. Reptile Boots
3. Horizon Riders
4. Coolangatta
5. Tethys
6. Dewey's Dead
7. Batwave
8. Flamin' Eddie's Dragstrip
9. Ocotillo
10. Asteroid
11. Black Sea
12. Electric Marlin
13. Nomad
14. Ursa Minor
15. Starfish Ranch/Mojave Reef
16. Baja


This CD was recorded in Venice, California, in Ray Bradbury's old house!!! Sometimes featuring a slightly more psychedelic edge, the Insects work in their trademark twin guitar leads with all kinds of exotic field recordings-ocean waves, jungles, crickets, whales, dragsters, etc.---just perfect for your surfin' and instro soundscapes! Plus more high-energy rocka rolla and spaghetti westerns! And check out the cover by surfin' cartoonist Mary Fleener !!

$15 Domestic / $25 International, Postage Paid

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